Well into a democratic South Africa LGBTQIA+ is still fighting for freedom, proving that the queer community has indeed been #DeniedFreedom .
Project Background

Denied Freedom initiative challenges community anti-LGBTQIA+ attitudes in South Africa.

A people denied freedom

While many continue to enjoy the civil liberties our country’s democracy offers, others are denied that very same freedom. 2021 weeks have been very awful to say the least. With headlines almost every second to the third day reporting on hate crime.

It is from this observation and experience that we felt the need to do something beyond RIP and our loved one’s names in hashtags – Denied Freedom.

Denied Freedom aims to show how those affected by the purge feel. The LGBTQ+ community, their families, and friends – with hope the government will act. In a series of posters and videos that will quote expressions, thoughts, and feelings – with captivating captions.


The pain of losing a loved one to hate crime.