Silulo Ulutho Technologies

One-stop-shop IT company.
The Story

Silulo Ulutho Technologies (Silulo) is a Cape Town-based one-stop-shop IT Company working to bridge the digital gap in South Africa’s township and rural population. They reached out to us to migrate its existing market to digital, while exposing the brand to a new audience.

Reinforce awareness of Silulo Ulutho’s community presence, while simultaneously advertising the exclusive availability of courses. Dominate the local marketplace in order to increase brand awareness and stimulate new student flow – through a variety of integrated creative content. While effectively differentiating itself from its competitors.

From the campaign alone, the academy received well over 40% new students. The marketing tools and communication efforts were incredibly effective in driving sales, introducing new courses, driving traffic to social media and keeping existing clients engaged.

Below are a series of many videos done by the executive team, during Covid-19 lockdown. This was to promote their product offering and also encourage employee advocacy.